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Monica Lewinsky Shot
The Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky Shot

“The Barcelona Bar may be the one place where drinking is good for you…the bar's innovations include shots that come with a soundtrack (the Knight Rider) or accessories (aviator sunglasses for the Top Gun)…when you start out at night, you want to be energetic, and shots are all about energy… “
- The New York Times

“Barcelona Bar is a sultry, intimate escape…The crowd? Young midtown professionals who loosen their ties after parking their briefcases by the door…The endless shot list offers 100-plus original concoctions like…the Monica Lewinsky—which involves donning a black wig then doing a “blowjob” on the glass… “
- New York Magazine

“Silver stars dangle throughout narrow, red-walled saloon, perhaps foreshadowing what the local and after-work crowds will be seeing after they throw back the bar's 100-plus different shots… “
- Citysearch

“Yeah, you could come to Barcelona Bar for a beer, but that’s nothing compared to the menu of over a hundred different shots “
- JoonBlog New York

“Is shot your favorite four-letter word? Do you like wearing protective headgear while drinking? If so, have we got a bar for you.“
- Shecky's